Terms & Conditions


  • Fone Doc® does not charge any quotation fees. And does not charge a repair fee if your device cannot be completed.
  • Standard jobs are usually quoted and completed within 24 Hours Once Received. More complicated jobs do take longer, depending upon hardware & software availability. In the case where hardware or software must be ordered for a job the time taken to receive this is at the discrepancy of the supplier and until this is received we cannot complete the job.
  • I your device is sent into us via our free collection service and your phone cannot be repaired there is a return shipping fee of $15.00
  • No liability will be taken for any loss of data from your device during service. It is recommended that all customers back up all imported data before sending in their job.
  • All jobs come with our 6 month warranty Fone Doc® s 6 month warranty does not cover new faults or faults not previously specified on the original service form.
  • For warranty purposes, you must retain a copy of your job sheet or your warranty will be void.
  • No liability will be taken for unavoidable physical damage to devices exterior during disassembly.
  • The disposal of unclaimed goods act gives Fone Doc® the right to dispose of any goods not collected within 60 days from the date of drop off as the phone will be considered abandoned and then becomes the property of Fone Doc® this is to reimburse Fone Doc® for the service of your device. This also applies to non-repair devices
  • If warranty seal is damaged or there is evidence of tampering, this will immediately void your warranty.
  • Job turnaround time may be affected by various factors. Fone Doc® will take no responsibly nor reimburse any loss of income or damages for the inconvenience caused by the delay in turnaround time.
  • Fone doc does not take any responsibility for any goods lost or damaged whilst in transit as mobile devices are fragile; you agree to ensure that any jobs are packed appropriately before sending the goods in for service.
  • All faulty and spare parts will be disposed after completion of repair.
  • Customer must pay for any damage caused to loan phone, if issued.
  • Fone Doc® does not supply spare parts or use parts supplied by customers. Fone Doc only uses its own approved parts.


Refund Policy

We do not give refunds if:

  • You simply change your mind
  • You make a wrong decision


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